Aye Aye Captain

I just watched Pirates of the Caribbean 5 – Dead Men Tell No Tales. What an amazing movie! I felt like I was 14 again.

It took me back to the time I was watching the Curse of the Black Pearl at my friend Samira’s place – I remember that day vividly as it was the first time I had seen hail stones in Chennai!

A few years later we were watching the second installment –  Dead Man’s Chest just the night before going for the At World’s End – an early morning show mind you, in Inox with Shravani and Samira. What dedication I say  we had, to wake up early on a Sunday just for a movie.

Anyone who knows me , knows how much I used to love Johnny Depp (I STILL DO, IMMENSELY ) from having a huge Johnny Depp poster in my room till I was 21, scribbling his name on every single desk I sat on in school, calling myself Madhumitha Depp (no no I am fine, I had myself tested 😛 )  Ah those were the days!  Continue reading


Making it through all the rest with


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Those of you who are close to me will know that I speak fluently in “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”  quotes, retell episodes and watch that show everyday even now.
The show was more than just a TV comedy for me ( I’m sure it means a lot to many of you as well ) but show has helped me get through hard days, bored nights, always made me laugh, made me cry and just made my day alright. Continue reading


Footprints are marks on sand which get washed away by the sea, you make footprints as you walk constantly without realising the impact of it. I believe that each life is a footprint in this world, some have lasting impression or some just get washed away.

During the span of my life so far so many people have left their footprints in my heart, in spite of their untimely demise these footprints could not be washed away completely. Like my paternal grandfather, I used to spend every Sunday with him, in spite of our 79 years of age difference he was my friend, I could talk to him about everything, we used to play hockey together with his walking sticks ( he was a state hockey player) used to have evening tea in the balcony over looking the beautiful Mylapore. He worked as an Electrical Engineer for the British, he was very Brit in his approach to things in life, his neatly ironed clothes, his punctuality, his typewriter and his stern posture. hands-orig Continue reading

K Balchander, the true pioneer of Indian Cinema

அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி

பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு.

These was the first few words I used to hear as a child, switching on the television, with the Kavithalaya Banner and Thriruvaluvar’s picture and this first ‘kural’ was how my evening television shows in Tamil used to begin. The serials used to range from ‘Minbimbagal, Janal,Kaialavu Manasu’ and many more.  I still do not know whether they were apt shows from a seven year old, but those were the serials which I remember from my childhood. Growing up in the next street to this legend I have vague memories of seeming him in the area, but never did I realise he the man I would one day consider God of Tamil Cinema!

His movies spoke volumes to me, particularly ‘SindhuBhairavi’ which I first watched in 2003, when I was in the US, for my summer holidays, my aunt had made us watch this movie, never realising how much it moved me. I did not value his portrayal of feminism,  but subconsciously I vowed to be as brave as Suhasini in the film, once I grew up.

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What the Rain Taught me!

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Musings of a Pygmy Hippo

I doubt I will get much sleep tonight. Sitting by my window, watching the backwaters light up, I witness this spectacular show … I hear music in the raindrops, poetry in the thunder…I watch mesmerized, soaking in every moment …The rain ..ah! what it does to me! That clean, fresh-scrubbed smell of the earth permeates through every vein and then suddenly I am born-again, in a new place, in a new time…rain

My happiest memories from school belong to the rain, I was fortunate enough to study in a large, tree-lined campus, which would flood at the whiff of the monsoon.

Skipping through puddles, jumping over stones, comparing pretty umbrellas, collecting tadpoles from stagnant water – joy was defined so simply. I was in 2nd grade when I decided I wanted to build the BIGGEST paper boat in class, on one beautiful, grey evening, I tore a page of…

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Well everyone goes through phase in life where everything seems like a delusion, the things which seem most certain and the people who are considered more or less as permanent, rather as permanent as they can be! Friends, relationships, family and even your job! All these times we call the “testing period”  hoping that everything will go back to being fine or hoping that you get that “happily ever after” you always hoped for. Sigh. Continue reading

Bleeding Rajinikanth!

SUPERSTAR RAJINIKANTH is the only ideal name to describe a living legend, the God of Indian Cinema. On this auspicious day of his debut into Indian cinema and the hearts of the billion fans through the various generations, started on 18th August, 1975 with the film ‘Apoorva Raaganga’ under his guru and according to me, the Guru of Direction the great K.B Sir. I was prevailed  to meet him today on such a day, and ensured he got the standing ovation, which the least thing I could do. After the talk given by Mohan Ram, a great speaker on the occasion of Madras Week Celebrations, the extra love, affection and more than anything RESPECT started overflowing! The guy was not only a genius but extremely humble, never forgetting where he started off from. He is the second highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan and he deserves every paisa! Continue reading